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How do you optimise your internet connection?

SmartShare processes all voice, video and data traffic on the basis of current needs, optimizing internet connection without the need to reserve bandwidth that may never be used.

This technology automatically allocates bandwidth so that all users have the optimal speed on the internet. Imagine an IT roundabout that makes all traffic flow smoothly without any queues or slow response times – this is the philosophy behind User Load Balancing. The technology identifies the number of users, analyzes their behavior and allocates a suitable amount of bandwidth based on the individual’s needs.

Try SmartShare free of charge for 14 days and experience the difference.Contact us today to know how you can optimise your bandwidth automatically while guaranteeing service quality.

This video shows how a SmartShare device with its built-in Dynamic QoS™ completely eliminates poor sound quality when using VoIP telephony while being on a congested internet connection. The demo also shows how SmartShare User Load Balancing™ provides fairness between the users accessing the internet.


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